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A Good Talent Management system

A talent management system helps your company manage, develop and retain your best talent, who add value to your business. In addition, a talent management system helps ensure GDPR compliance with secure storage of HR master data and employee documents. The talent management system also allows you to easily set up deletion policies, ensuring that you keep data for the time you need to be GDPR compliant.  
Violation of GDPR can cost up to 4% of a company's total global turnover.

In other words, a talent management system is a business-critical system as it ensures GDPR compliance and manages one of the most important assets of your business – your employees.

A talent management system is a great investment that ensures your business is empowered to:

Attract and Retain Talents

With a talent management system, you can better structure and systematise your HR master data, employee performance and development processes. It also gives you the best starting point for ensuring that the right skills are placed, utilised and built up in the right places, and for keeping an overall focus on employee development. This is a major factor in retaining talent.

Engage and Motivate Employees

A talent management system also helps your company engage and motivate your employees. The system gives you an overview and the best conditions to analyse and spot development opportunities among your employees, which are important factors for engagement and motivation.

Lifting Performance

A talent management system enables the company to identify competencies and talents and thus to assess which employees can best fill the different roles in the company. It strengthens both individual and company performance, as employees are allowed to use their skills optimally, helping the company to achieve its goals

Ensure that Key Roles and Competences are Always Covered

With a talent management system, HR has the ability to plan, manage and ensure that key roles and competencies are always filled, developed and used optimally in the company. It is important for the company's operations, performance and goal achievement.

Gather all Employee Data and Documents in One Secure Place

With a talent management system, you get a single, secure place to store all your employee data and documents. It helps ensure GDPR compliance and gives you a great overview, saving you time and resources that can be used for other important HR tasks.

Report on HR Data and Efforts

With a talent management system, you'll be able to pull all kinds of employee reports. Here you have the possibility to customize which data will be included in the reports. This makes reporting efficient and simple.

Ensure Overview of HR KPIs

With a talent management system, you get a business-supporting system with a user-friendly dashboard that gives you a good overview of your company's HR KPIs. Among other things, it can strengthen HR in ensuring focus on goal achievement in relation to the company's goals in general.

Provide an Overview of the Organisational Structure

A talent management system allows you to always ensure an up-to-date organisational structure that can be used and viewed as a reference hierarchy or departmental hierarchy.


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