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More and more candidates are using social media to find jobs. Actually, 86% of job seekers say they use social media for their job search and over 92% of organizations use social media to recruit successfully.

If you’re not already using this growing and trending recruitment strategy, now is the time to find the right candidates with the help of social media. 

Does social media recruitment marketing seem complex to you or do you just want to know how to get started? Then continue reading, because we might have the perfect solution for you.

Social media will connect you to passive and active candidates

The average user of the internet has more than five different social media accounts, which may include platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. This is where people of all ages and backgrounds socialize, keep in touch with old friends, make new friends, shop, share, and nowadays, find their next job. Social media is where most people hang out in their free time and it’s therefore an excellent place to reach those passive candidates.

While posting your openings on job boards and websites is one way of reaching the active seekers, social media can reach both active and passive candidates. Passive job seekers are those who have jobs and are not actively looking for a new one, but they are open to a new opportunity if an exciting opportunity is presented to them. Since 73% of job seekers are passive, you are able to tap into a very large talent pool on social media. 

If you are receiving an application from passive candidates, you know that it is because they believe your company is a good fit for them. Alternately, active job seekers are exactly that: they want to find a new job and are highly motivated to leave their current position.

It is notable that 40% of employed individuals use social media to network and research new jobs, while only 30% of them are actively seeking new employment. Putting your job ads where they are easily seen by a large number of people increases your potential for finding the right people you’ve been looking for. 

You will be able to reach specific talent pools
Almost half* of recruiters who already use social media recruitment report that they receive higher quality applications from their job ads. This is thanks to social media platforms’ ability to target specific audiences. Most people from all skillsets, experience levels, and industries are on social media, so you have the potential to reach many candidates that fit the certain role you are advertising. 

It will help you reduce recruiting costs
Marketing can be expensive when placing job ads on traditional job boards and sites. Comparatively, social media advertising is a low-cost way to acquire applications because you can create ad campaigns that can be customized to your needs and budget. And since your ads can be targeted at specific groups, as opposed to the whole of the platform's users, you know that you are spending marketing money only on relevant candidates. Your followers can also share the job opportunities with their networks, who can share with theirs, and so on, which is completely free.

By not having to rely on external agencies or in-house experts, you’re able to significantly reduce your cost-per-hire. By just pressing a button in your ATS, your social media job ads will be automatically generated and exposed to the right audience. That obviously saves you a lot of time, and therefore, more money can be spent where it matters, on exposing your jobs to the right audience.

It’s beginner friendly
Traditionally, social media ads are created and published in each social media platform’s ads management system. It’s complex, requires skills and experience. That’s why most companies either employ digital marketing experts or hire a specialized agency. 

Third option is to let technology do the job for you. That’s why in-system social media functionality is the preferred solution for many companies. Naturally, this requires that your recruitment system offers this option. With this option you will unnoticeably publish perfectly put together job ads on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram each time you post a vacant job. This is eg. possible with your Talentech recruitment system. 

You will also be able to measure and analyze the success of your recruitment ads and take out actionable data that lets you evaluate and increase efficiency for future recruitments. 

It’s an excellent way of establishing Your brand
Creating social media accounts for your company should be part of your recruitment strategy. This promotes your organization’s visibility as an employer and informs potential applicants of your company culture. Since 75% of potential candidates research a company’s reputation before even thinking about applying, it’s certainly important to stay active and up to date with your account.

You may encourage current employees to post on social media how much they love their job or working for your company. This validates your brand, because three times as many candidates will trust current employees to give them more accurate information than believing the employer itself. 

Your brand and company will want to promote a culture that potential candidates will want to join. You will want to create posts about perks, benefits, office environment, corporate events, etc. Potential candidates will want to get as much ‘behind the scenes’ as possible in order to figure out what a normal day at your workplace looks like.


Social media is not only the wave of the future in recruitment marketing strategy, but it is the wave of NOW. It is a powerful tool to add to your recruitment marketing strategy. Reach out to the most qualified applicants, as well as both passive and active job seekers. Promote your employer brand and reduce both your cost-per-hire and time-to-hire. Most importantly, use Talentech to make it easy to succeed at automated social media recruitment.


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