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Do you send a reply to candidates informing them that you’ve received their application? Or are they left in the dark until a standard rejection arrived, telling them that the position has been filled by someone else.

When you recruit using an ATS (Application Tracking System) feedback or confirmation doesn’t take long, and it leaves a lasting positive impression on candidates.

Feedback or confirmation are important to keep in mind for a good candidate experience, and you are welcome to use this template as a guide to get started.

When was the last time you applied at your own company?

How would you like to be treated when you apply for a job? To live in uncertainty whether the application was received? To not hear anything at all from the company until a month later when you see a new email in your inbox with the rather dull wording “Thank you for your application. The position has been filled.” as the only, and final, communication.

No matter if your company struggles with large volumes of applicants, or search to find any at all, it is important that each and every candidate feels well treated. Contact, feedback or a simple confirmation of submitted application will influence how the candidate feels about you as a potential employer. In turn, it may also affect your employer brand, reputation and in the long haul if other candidates will choose to apply at your company.

creating a better candidate experience has to do with how you communicate with candidates and potential applicants.Confirming that the application has been received, even if it’s a simple auto reply, is the most basic step towards creating good rapport with the candidates. And with that, a better candidate experience.

Replying to candidates

Replying to candidates to confirm that their application has been received can be done effectively using an automated response. But it’s well worth putting some time and effort into the message itself. After all, it’s going to be the first message sent directly from you to a candidate. Confirmation messages are also an excellent way to inform applicants about the recruiting process. Are you waiting until the application deadline before going through applications? Let them know straight away. It will minimize the chance that candidates grow tired of waiting, and fewer will be in touch with questions about the same things.
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In the confirmation email you should include:

    • The name of the applicant (if possible) and what position they’ve applied for
    • Let them know that their application has been received
    • Explain the recruiting process
      • Will interviews be conducted at any specific dates?
      • How long is the recruitment expected to take?
      • When and how till candidates know if they’ve not made it through to the next round?
    • Contact information to the recruiter in charge in case the candidate has any questions
    • Try expressing the company’s culture or personality
      • Links to social media
      • Write with a tone representative of your organization

Save time using automated responses and templates

Are you in the early stages of the recruitment it’s quite alright to use a general template. Later stages of the recruitment should be more personalized and preferably contain feedback from the interview.

Depending on how many candidates have applied you can either create a very general template where you can basically send out an auto reply as is, or a bit more personalized version with the candidate’s name.

Hint! Recruiting software can be a huge help for sending out personalized automated emails.

Email template thanking for the application

Subject: Your application to [Company name]

Hello [candidate’s name],

We’re received your application for the position of [title]. [Short description of the recruitment process]. You can read more about us on our company career page [link to career page] or follow us on social media on Facebook [link to company Facebook page] and Instagram [link to company Instagram page] to get the latest updates.

If you’ve got any questions you’re welcome to contact me at [telephone number and/or email address].

[Your name
Email signature and contact information

Personalized email templates for a bit of inspiration

Show a bit of personality! Just as companies use logos and colors to express their brand, written text and choice of words show company character and personality. Customize the email template with words, expressions and explanations that suit the tone of your business.

A few inspirational examples:

Informal and personal tone for applications to a specific position:

Hi [candidate’s name]! We’re thrilled that you’d like to join us here at [company]. We’ve now got your application that you sent us about [position] and since we have a look through applications as they come in, we’ll be in touch next week if we’d like to meet you for an interview. Unfortunately, days are short and applicants are many so we won’t have time to meet everyone. If don’t feel we’re a match [name of recruiter] will let you know by email. Keep in touch on Instagram and Snapchat!

Formal tone for anyone who’s applied for a specific position: 

Hello. This is a confirmation that we have received your application. You have applied for the position of [title]. The last date of application is [last date of application] after which we will start going through all applications. We will let all applicants know if they are put through to the interviewing round or not. More information about our recruitment process is available at this page [link to career page]. Thank you for your application, and have a nice day.

General confirmation for any application:

Hello! We always look forward to go through applications of great people who’d like to work with us at [company]. Thank you for applying for a position with us, and here’s a confirmation that we received your application. One of our recruiters will contact you shortly to let you know about the status of your application.

A template will help you, and so will this checklist

Figuring out good email templates to send to candidates throughout the entire recruitment process is an excellent way to improve the candidate experience. Another crucial piece in attracting talent and ensuring a positive impression of your company is the job ad itself.

Download this free checklist for checking your job ads to make sure that you've remembered to include all the information applicants want to know before applying.

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