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What is a recruitment chatbot?

A recruitment chatbot is a type of chatbot that is designed to assist with the recruitment process. It can eg. help job seekers find job listings or information about available job openings. Overall, the goal of a recruitment chatbot is to make the recruitment process more efficient and effective for both job seekers and hiring companies.

The past couple of years, there has been an increased interest in recruitment chatbots. Why? Because these chatbots can help candidates with various tasks across the entire recruitment funnel – from attraction to hiring.

When it comes to attracting and converting candidates, chatbots play a very important role since the usage of mobile phones has skyrocketed over the past decade. Chatbots resembles our ways of communicating on mobile and is hence a perfect step to make the traditional application process more mobile friendly.

Why should you start using a recruitment chatbot?

Increased number of candidates
By having a mobile-friendly application process that works in parallel with the traditional application process, you can make sure that you convert users to candidates no matter the device they are using or the preference of how they would like to apply – Answer questions vs. Submit files.

Reduced hiring costs
Most companies use social media to run recruitment ads. Unfortunately, more than 97% of the link clicks on their ads are coming from mobile devices. Without a mobile-friendly application process, the social media budget will be wasted on users dropping off. You can reduce the overall hiring costs by getting more candidates for the same social media budget.

Chatbots today can be used directly on social media platforms like Facebook & Instagram. Connecting a chatbot to an ad helps minimize the steps between initial interaction to full candidate. The more steps a candidate needs to go through, the higher the chances that the user will drop off somewhere along in the process.

Reduced time-to-hire
The faster you get candidates into your system, the faster you can process them. Ensure you convert candidates as soon as possible. Chatbots can help by providing an easier way to apply to jobs, no matter the device they are using.

The most important part? – Figuring out what questions you need to ask. By picking the right questions & making sure you capture the candidate’s LinkedIn profile, you can make sure that you have all the necessary information to make a fast decision.

Improved candidate satisfaction
90% of candidates who have used a chatbot for applying to jobs said they found it fast & easy and most saw it as an innovative solution and rated the experience as excellent. This impacts word-of-mouth employer branding but can also help you position yourself as an employer who does care about the struggles of candidates, whether they are active or passive candidates.



Chatbots are here to stay. They might not have been great in the past, but with the evolution of technology, they’ve improved, and they are becoming a permanent part of our lives. W well-rounded and well-implemented recruitment chatbot that is integrated with your recruitment system can help you convert more passive and active candidates, become an innovative employer while lowering your overall recruitment costs and reduce your hiring times.