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Satisfied employees are generally more engaged, and studies show that the power of engagement generates increased profitability. The equation is simple, but how to get there might not be as obvious. But, how do you actually create a great workplace? Here are some of our best tips.

In our previous article we explained how recurring employee surveys (meaning, surveys that continuously are carried out on an annual basis) will have several benefits. Both when it comes to employers as well as employees. 
Now let’s dig deeper into how commitment and profitability are banded together.

Changed demands on the employer

Is it really true that engaged employees equals higher profitability? A Gallup study shows that committed employees actually deliver as much as 22 percent higher profitability. Which is not that surprising when you think about it. A happy employee will naturally engage more and perform better at work. That engagement and profitability are connected is not mind boggling, but it is only recently that the phenomenon has received roaring attention. Because the terms and conditions have gone through a change within the workforce. Back in the days, most people only saw their job as a source of income. whether one was happy or not wasn’t really relevant. Fast forward till today and we can see that work is so much more than that. For many, it’s part of one’s identity, hence the importance of working with something that’s fulfilling, fun and challenging. We also spend far more time at work and there’s a mutual understanding, that the employer–employee dynamic comes down to a give and take between both parties.

74% of employees say that they are more effective when feeling heard at work.

Recurring employee surveys create better conditions

What these new, high workplace expectations mean in practice, is that employees are not settling for a job where they feel under stimulated. As an employer of today, you need to put more effort in to be able to keep your staff happy and in it for the long run. So, what can you do as an employer?

There are plenty of ways to create good workplaces with satisfied personnel of course. But a relatively simple tool is to, on a continuously basis, ask how employees experience their workplace by surveys. In this way, opportunities are automatically created for management to correct, change and work on things that employees find hard or difficult. A workplace that chose to continuously examine their staff’s view on ongoing situations, can thereby easier create greater conditions – necessary for everyone’s wellbeing and performance abilities. In addition to this, one can also easier identify and prevent stress, burnouts as well as other causes that can lead to sick leave or increased staff turnovers.

As you can tell, there are many reasons to why employee satisfaction and wellbeing is out of utmost importance. Want to find out more about how you can implement recurring employee surveys at your workplace?