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When you need to start convincing your boss that a new recruitment system is a good investment it is an advantage to be able to present some numbers and statistics that support your arguments.

In this post, you will get as many as 10 different recruitment statistics that will help you convince your boss to get a good recruitment system in place.

Statistics around candidate experience & employer branding

56% of candidates who have had a bad recruitment experience will
not recommend others to apply for jobs in the company in question. And 49% of candidates who have had a bad experience in a recruitment process will not apply for a job in the same company again.

2. Candidates expect a seamless digital experience when applying for a job.

3. Companies that invest in a good candidate experience optimize the quality of new hires by 70%

4. 71%
weight the employer's reputation higher than the company's brand.

Statistics around optimization of recruitment processes

5. With a recruitment system that supports video interviews, you can reduce the number of pre-qualification questions from 200 to 5.

6. A failed recruitment can cost your company around 70.000€

7. A study shows that companies most skilled at recruiting qualified employees have 3.5 times as much revenue growth and 2.0 times as much profitability.

8. It takes an average of around 2 months to fill a vacancy in a company depending on industry. Yet, 60% of all candidates believe that a recruitment process should take a maximum of 1 month from the job applied for.

9. 70% of companies believe that recruitment is a crucial challenge

10. 61% believe that finding qualified and experienced new employees is one of the biggest challenges. But only 6% believe that they have best-in-class technology and processes, while as many as 81% believe that they have average or below average recruitment processes.


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