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What is LinkedIn premium jobs?

LinkedIn Premium Job ads is your shortcut to getting more relevant and qualified candidates to apply for your open positions. Instead of sending out job ads to an unspecified target audience you will be able to send it out to a much more specified and relevant target audience on LinkedIn. And the best thing is that your premium jobs have the absolute highest visibility on LinkedIn.

What is the difference between Premium job ads and basic jobs on LinkedIn?

Basic jobs are free jobs that anyone can post on LinkedIn. Basic jobs will not be matched with specific candidates and they will only show in the feed if someone actively searches for them. Premium Jobs on the other hand are matched with relevant candidates, they are always prioritized over basic jobs and relevant candidates will receive recommendations via notifications and email.

Premium job ads are live for 30 days
Premium job ads get 23x more clicks
Premium job ads get 26x more applicants


How can LinkedIn premium jobs improve candidate quality?

The magic of LinkedIn Premium jobs lies within LinkedIns algorithm. The algorithm matches your premium jobs with the most relevant candidates based on several factors: job experience, job titles, geographic location, skillsets, different preferences as well as candidate behavior across the platform. This gives you access to the most relevant and qualified candidates for your open positions.

Your premium job ads on LinkedIn are recommended to the most relevant candidates through both notifications and emails. This significantly increases your chance of finding the right candidates for your open positions – in fact, LinkedIn premium jobs receive an average of 23 times more clicks and a stunning 26 times more applicants compared to posting basic jobs. In other words, you will get more candidates as well as more qualified candidates.

Another significant advantage of premium jobs is that job ads are matched against both active and passive candidates. This is a clear advantage because more than 80% of the candidates on LinkedIn are in fact passive. This means that these candidates are not actively looking for a job. However, we know that over 90% of these passive candidates are open to the right opportunity if it is presented to them. So in sum, with premium jobs you will not only get access to the most relevant and qualified candidates, you will also target relevant passive candidates that normally are extremely difficult to identify and reach.

LinkedIn premium jobs in sum

The advantages of using LinkedIn premium jobs are many:

  • ·Your job ads will get the absolute highest visibility on LinkedIn - the world’s biggest professional social media platform.
  • You job ads will reach the most relevant and qualified pool of candidates through intelligent targeting
  • Your job ads will also reach passive candidates, which is over 80% of LinkedIn members

For Talentechers
As a Talentech customer you can create a premium job post directly via your Talentech recruitment solution and reach the largest and most qualified pool of candidates. Your ad will automatically appear on the platform - no extra steps needed.


Did you know?

Business Digital Trust Report has nominated LinkedIn as the most trusted social media platform a staggering 5 years in a row. This is your guarantee that the candidates you want to reach will trust the validity of your job ads.

And LinkedIn members are in a professional mindset when using the platform. They consider the time they spend on LinkedIn as an investment in their career. Accordingly, your job ads will be targeted to relevant candidates who are in a professional mindset when presented to them.