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In times like these it’s all about adapting, not cancelling. We can’t affect what has happened, only adjust to the present and do something about the future, by acting on what we can. Reach your company goals through continuous employee surveys, that, in real time, show you how your staff members are doing – and take a proactive approach to leadership. Now that it’s hard for many people to meet physically, a new way of leading your employees and colleagues, from a distance, is required.

Build Trust Within the Group

In order to succeed when leading from a distance, it’s important to find a mutual trust and use digital solutions to help you. Building trust within the group promotes self-leadership and creates transparency between leaders and employees. This, in turn, leads to staff members growing and developing in their roles. However, succeeding also has to do with routines. A good leader is present and available to the coworkers. When you can’t meet your employees on a day to day basis, you need to be flexible and find new routines for communicating and building team spirit.

Set Boundaries for the Workday

Remote leadership also means making sure that your employees aren’t working too much. We recommend ending the workday with a joint meeting where you round off the day and check out. Start by creating a foundation with clearly stated goals, both for the group as a whole, as well as for each individual coworker, use Weekli to help you decide jointly what value on the scale you would like to achieve.

Do you as a leader often find yourself fully booked with meetings during the majority of the day? In that case, a one hour “period of contact” in the evening could be of great value to your employees – that way you can keep a dialogue going. Use Weekli to help you see what the value on the scale is and if your coworkers are lacking engagement or something else.

Meeting Structure

Address general questions in the team and individual questions one on one. Now that most people are working from home it could be a good idea to book one on one meetings in walk- and-talk mode, otherwise, it’s easy to get stuck in a chair all day long.

Take care to book joint meetings that are meaningful and where there is always an agenda. These events should be mandatory and anticipated by the participants. Even though the meetings take place from a distance it’s important to make them into something fun and important. You could, for example, invite an external speaker or work on further developing the staff with the help of a remote course or a book.

Use Weekli’s measurements to help you understand and give you feedback on which parts you need to focus on right now, don’t forget to involve your employees and to listen to them. “I’m not sure if what I’m doing is good enough”, is a common thing to hear from coworkers, if they are experiencing a lack of feedback on the work they have done. As many as 50% would like to get more feedback.

Creating and Keeping Culture Alive

A sustainable company culture creates sustainable business. Create and keep a good company culture by starting each day with a joint meeting. Or why not a digital lunch together. Twice a week can be enough.

Work towards creating a strong team spirit. The common goal for the coworkers’ experience, is for the individuals to use their creativity and innovative skills to contribute to common goals. Even if you work in a large organization, you can, with the help of Weekli, easily create the same kind of feel that exists in smaller companies, where small teams work together and the distance between the boss and the management is short.

Weekli can also help you with self-leadership, which leads to a workplace where innovation, creativity and business is commonplace and where the people working for you have a feeling of meaningfulness in what they do. You as a manager will, with the help of the scales, see what needs to be prioritized when it comes to, for example, company culture.

Employee Engagement

It’s all very simple: coworkers who feel well, work well! Extract facts from Weekli that are connected to employee engagement and see what IS working – highlight that and also look at the scales that have a lower value and act on them too.

By using Weekli it will be much easier for you as a leader to focus on what’s most important for the group, both at an individual, group and company level. Weekli can also be used as a basis for discussion, and why not start the day with Magic Mornings? Use a digital whiteboard, check if something new, that needs to be dealt with straightaway, has come up. Remind the coworkers of the importance of answering the questions, so you as a leader have a chance to act.

Don’t forget to set goals for the day and try to move your body a little, every other hour.