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The Work Environment Act (WEA) exists to prevent ill-health at the workplace and to make sure that companies and organizations actively work towards a proper work environment. While carrying out the WEA’s requirements, recurring employee surveys can be out of great help. Not just by making things easier to understand, but also by pointing out problem areas within the company. And here’s how!

Commissioned by the government and Riksdag, the Swedish Work Environment Authority’s role is to ensure that companies and organizations are complying to the work environment laws and working hour obligations.

The WEA (Work Environment Act), includes general regulations that apply to the environment at the workplace. It also describes how to prevent ill health and accidents at work as well as how a sustainable working environment is built.

WEA – for physical, organizational and social work environment

According to the Work Environment Act, workplaces are required to live up to their standards in the physical, social and organizational work environment. At first, the law’s main purpose was to improve only the physical work environment, but as of 1977, WEA now also includes mental health and well-being, better known as psychosocial work environment.
Hence why of today, both about physical and mental areas are factors that can affect employees. Such as ventilation, sound, organization, workload and stress, but equally just like the social needs as community and potentials of personal growth. The main responsibility for the work environment usually lies with the employer who actively should work with these issues.

Recurring employee surveys at work for a more beneficial work environment

One way to work for a better work environment is through employee satisfaction surveys. Recurring employee surveys makes it easier to meet the Work Environment Act’s requirements for systematic inspections of the work environment. 
While at the same time allowing you to take the pulse of your staff, following up on their well-being and opportunities to advance.

Make things easier with Weekli

Every single week, Weekli sends out recurring employee surveys to the entire workforce. 
In this way, it’s not only easier for companies to live up to the requirements of the Work Environment Act, it also makes it possible to shine light on different problem areas within a company. This will then generate possibilities for being proactive and able to act fast. One area that’s critical to act fast on is within harassment, such as bullying, sexual harassment, physical violence and threats of violence. Thanks to Weekli, the HR department has access to all anonymously reported cases of harassment and can thereby take necessary actions.