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A pro- change workplace with dedicated personnel is not created overnight. It needs continuous evaluation and diligent work. But by the right approach you can get there so much easier. Today we’re going to tell you all about how frequent employee surveys helps building proactive workplaces.

In order to develop and build sustainable workplaces, it’s important to continuously evaluate what works well and what needs improvement. To do so, resources need to be allocated properly. Where the shots called are based on facts, not indications. For example, it’s not out of the ordinary that management and employees have different opinions about what needs to change at work. So, to not end up with having the focus in the wrong area, organizations push for change should therefore be based on facts and statistics.

Act on facts

Sounds good, but how is it done? Well, by continually conducting recurring employee surveys, where data can be collected on employees view of the workplace. And, in that way, giving you an overview of the main area’s in need of a makeover. Using the results as a starting point for change, is not only smart in terms of business and cost-efficiency, but it also proves that the company wants to listen and does its utmost to address what needs to change.

Expectation and change

But it doesn’t stop there. By giving employees access to say what they think, optimism will start to surface. Knowing that actions and change are being in motion. Also, employees will feel that their opinions are important and that the changes that are made at the company are necessary. This creates commitment in the workplace and expectations that the results will lead to a positive change.

To sum things up, we can state that recurring employee satisfaction surveys breads;

  • proactive and adaptable organizations
  • that allocates their resources in a right manner
  • which leads to committed personnel
  • and a sense that everyone’s opinions are of value