Now and again, a CV falls into your lap that makes you double-take. LinkedIn did a study about this, asking recruiters what the oddest CV they received looked like, and their responses both amazed us and made us laugh.

However, it is not only the recruiter who encounter oddities in the hunt for a new employee. In the candidate’s defense, it should be stated that they are also sometimes subjected to quite strange interview questions, something which Glassdoor has looked into on a number of occasions.

Here, we give you our chosen favorites and hope to offer a nice, hardy laugh.

Top 5 odd interview questions

1) ”Who is your favorite Disney princess? ”
The question was asked during an interview at Cold Stone Creamery.

2) ”Describe the color yellow to someone that is blind.”
The question was asked during an interview at Spirit Airlines.

3) ”What did you eat for breakfast this morning?”
The question was asked during an interview at Banana Republic.

4) ”What is your favorite song from the 1990s?”
The question was asked during an interview at Squarespace.

5) ”Who would win in a fight between Spiderman and Batman?
The question was asked during an interview at Stanford University.

There are even candidates who have given different alternatives and CVs…

1) A recruiter once received a 24-page long CV where the candidate illustrated all their interests, experiences, etc with the help of photography.

2) Another recruiter received a CV where the candidate wrote that he/she had had the same job as the recruiter during the exact same time period…

3) What about a candidate who applied for a receptionist position where the application included a tape of her singing a number of different songs?

4) Do you like pizza? This candidate must have thought that the recruiter did when the candidate decided to send the recruiter a pizza, and placed the CV in the box lid.

5) ”The apple trick” is a classic, usually used to charm teachers, and one candidate decided to give the recruiter an apple when the interview was over. Unfortunately, the candidate had forgotten to polish the apple and did not see that there was a bunch of hair stuck on it. Delicious…